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Five free Android and iOS games that are worth it

Trying to find a worthwhile free mobile game is difficult. Each and every one of them offer a barrier that you can not overcome if you are not paying, a feature that you will also find in the five titles on this list. Anyway, the free iOS and Android games that I recommend do not have such aggressive payment requirements, they are fun and you can even enjoy them a lot before you are tempted to drop a euro.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Heroes of Skyrim:

Mobile card games are many and this, for me, is the best of all to this day. It has a very entertaining story mode, a demanding and successful game system  and also a great way to take the background of the franchise to a game of cards. It is enjoyed more in PC but in mobile it is also a marvel, give it a chance.

Arena of Valor

Some prefer Vainglory for its control system, but after testing that, Mobile Legends and many others, I stay with Arena of Valor for a simple reason: you can play for a long, long time without feeling that you have to pay to win more games . Arena of Valor is the most loyal LoL experience you can find on mobile phones, but with little touches on game lengths, skills and attacks to adapt to this system. Go get him.

Last Day on Earth Survival

You have to play Last Day on Earth Survival APK for Android because it was the revelation game this summer , it has a great community and quality updates are expected for it. Last Day on Earth is a zombie title in which we will have to crate, raidear, lootear and explore the dangerous and mythical alpha bunker.

This is one of the free Android games of adventure that I recommend to you today, if you go the titles like Rust or similar this will not disappoint you.

War Wings

A War Wings has been playing for a while, but it shows that it can be a free mobile game and offer a very faithful simulation experience. If you know how to choose the team of your plane well and how to improve it you will enjoy air battles very entertaining. This is another one that is playing a lot lately.

Guns of Boom

I have already recommended a free card game, a zombie, simulation and a MOBA, what is missing now? Well, yes, a shooter. It is difficult to recommend a game of these characteristics to enjoy it on a touch screen, but if you have to say one I will stay with Guns of Boom. Its multiplayer maps are not bad at all and it has a very balanced rhythm.

Now it’s up to you, what free mobile games are you playing and recommending?

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